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Message from the President

It has been almost 60 years since we began producing sun-dried fish.

We are pleased our products are loved by people in Japan and are now available overseas.

Sun-dried fish, called Himono, is prepared by cleaning, salting and sun-drying.

When grilled right before eating, sun-dried fish is healthy, juicy and especially tasty with rice.

We spare no expense to guarantee food safety, quality control and environmental sanitation in our production facilities.

Our goal is to produce high quality food enjoyable to see and eat.

With our excitement and enthusiasm, we continue to challenge ourselves to create smiles around the world.

Since we created the Muslim-friendly fish dumpling, certified as Halal food, I was delighted to offer our dumpling at the Singapore Trade Fair.

However, Muslim people feared to try them because gyoza is traditionally associated with pork.

I was devastated, but I knew if they tried just one bite, they would love our fish dumplings.

After I eased their fears with explanations of Halal certification, people sampled our products and loved them.

We sold all 600 packages! Following this experience, I decided to offer Muslim-friendly gyoza to people in Asia as well as Japan. The Yoshimura Shoten Company hopes to see many smiles from new customers!

Corporate Information
Address 7182-150 Kaigandouri, Karatsu-shi, Saga-ken 847-0873 Japan
Phone 0955-74-3526
Establishment April, 1954
Capital 13,000,000 yen
Business Production, supply, wholesale and sale of processed seafood Numbers of Employees : 79 ( as of March 2012)
President Tsukasa Yoshimura


1954 Began producing dried whole sardine products
1975 Moved the factory to Karatsu Marine Products complex
1999 Established YOSHIMURA SHOTEN CO., LTD
2000 Using Yakuzen(traditional Chinese medicine), dried fish won the Tokyo President’s Prize at the 11th National Committee of Processed Marine Products
2010 Expanded the factory as a former site redevelopment
2011 Registered as a licensed blowfish dealer
2011 Developed Muslim friendly products approved as management innovation plan
2012 Certified as the first Muslim friendly Haral frozen food in Japan
2013 Won an award from the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for our entry into the Best Hometown Food contest 2013.
2013 Acquired as a Local industry resources business plan

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